Circuit Supplies & Engineering Ltd was originally formed in 1997 to continue manufacturing the products previously supplied by Hibass Photomec Ltd within the Printed Circuit Board and Metal Etch Industries and to continue the support of those products with spare parts, repair and servicing. We still continue that support and manufacture new build on the majority of those products as direct replacements.

Products now supplied include equipment for most types of ‘Wet Processing’, where the requirement is for a conveyorised, heated and recirculated spraying system with potentially corrosive chemical solutions.
This includes processes such as Ferric and Ammonia based etching, Stripping. Developing, pre and post clean, Tin or Tin / Lead Strip, Micro Etch and Chemical Cleaning.

Products for Conveyorised Bare Board Panel Preparation and Board Scrubbing or Polishing using rotational Brushing are also available in Single or Double Sided format. This process being typically required prior to lamination of photo-resist or as Flux Removal after Reflow.

Plating Lines, manufactured to individual specification, for Electroless deposition of materials such as Nickel / Gold are supplied as well as replacement Tanks and Liners for existing equipment. These generally being manufactured, from PVC or Polypropylene.
Other Fabrications supplied include Wash-Off Booths for applications such as pressure Washing of Print Screens

Ancillary equipment include free standing conveyors for product movement. Manufactured from Stainless Steel and PVC for corrosion resistance, these can be of continuous Wire Belt or Roller type construction. Both types being driven with variable conveyor speed. Typical use apart from product transfer between process stages include Cooling after Reflow.

All design, manufacture and test is completed at our Wollaston, UK address.

Cooling Conveyor Fabrication PVC Panel Scrubbing Space Saver Series 500