Series 500 Module

The Machine has been designed to provide a compact and versatile heated and recirculated, conveyorised double sided spraying machine without compromising features and benefits normally found with larger machines.
The chemical solution is contained within the base area of the machine, directed through a close coupled, inline, seal less, magnetically driven pump to the Spraying manifolds. From the spray chamber, the solution is directed back through a generously sized basket type filter, into the sump. Control valves are provided to regulate the volume and pressure of each spraying manifold with pressure gauges provided to give a visual indication of spraying parameters. The conveyor drive system provides a smooth and variable speed over its full range.

Other modules from this range include options on inlet & outlet conveyors, power or  cascade rinsing, etc.
Series 500 Module
Cooling Conveyer Cooling Conveyor

The conveyor Systems are supplied as free standing modules and manufactured from durable and corrosion resistant materials such as Stainless Steel, PVC and Polypropylene. The conveying height being adjustable for final ‘on-site’ levelling
The conveying media comprises of flexible stainless steel wire link belting, with or without flight bars, or by a series of driven rollers. The rollers may be solid for the complete length or consist of a series of discs fitted to a central driven shaft.

Other options on basic modules include Conveying Height, Width, Length and Speed – variable or pre-set
Additional features include fans for cooling or drying applications. Heating applications can be achieved with a combination of heated air and / or Infra Red Heaters.

Typical applications include product cooling, drying, heating and movement between work stations.

Panel Scrubbing Panel Scrubbing
Nickel Gold Plating
Fabrication PVC
Fabrication PP
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